Designs shown in the portfolios below are just a small sampling of the thousands of custom leotards and skate dresses we have created over the last decade. Many of our clients use these designs for inspiration and ideas and to help visualize the possibilities and endless variations we can make available.

Design Galleries

In our galleries you can view actual designs which are available to purchase as you see them or we can modify them for you in any way you like.


Portfolios - The custom leotard and custom skate dresses you`ll see in our portfolios, have been made for other clients and therefore we do not show prices for them on our site. We can modify any of these designs to suit a specific budget or we can create new designs. If you would like details on any item you see in the portfolio, please contact us here.

Galleries - Designs of custom leotards in our gallery are priced based on quantity, fabrics and size. Due to these variables we cannot price our designs in our galleries. Please contact us for pricing.