Kats Designs Announces 2010 Ryhthmic Gymnastics Sponsorship

Kats Designs is very pleased to announce our sponsorship of Canadian Rhythmic National Senior Level gymnast Suzanna Alsayed.  Ms. Alsayed’s accomplishments to date in Rhythmic Gymnastics is very impressive and we are very proud to officially confirm our association with this talented athlete. 

In the coming year we will offer our full support to Suzanna as part of our Rhythmic Gymnastics Sponsorship Program (R.G.S.P.) and we wish her the very best in a sport she has a tremendous passion for and the ability to go very far. 



Comment from Suzanna…

“I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to sponsor me. Your generous contribution gave me a powerful impulse for hard work and success.” 

“Kats Designs provides a pleasant, comfortable environment and your staff is very efficient and professional.  Your work on my R.G. costumes is truly appreciated. I’m excited to wear them and perform in them. I believe they’ll bring me luck. Thanks again.”


Suzanna Alsayed


Follow Suzanna’s progress with us…

We will be posting updates, photos and results as Suzanna progresses throughout the year.  Please subscribe to this post to receive updates automatically.


Following is Suzanna’s profile and a short biography.   

Suzanna Alsayed (CAN)
Rhythmic Gymnast

Suzanna  Alsayed Image


Birthday: Aug 5th, 1994
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Residence: Ontario, Canada
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Languages: English, Russian, French
Discipline: Rhythmic Gymnastics
Club: Olympium RGC
Coach: Danuta Smiechowski
Started with RG: 5 years old (1999)
Weekly training: 6 X 4
Goals: To compete in the Olympic games, finish school with honors and apply to a quality university.
Music: Meaningful music, Classical Music (Piano and Violin) and Fusion. I also like Michael Jackson, Shayne Ward, Neyo, Igor Krutoy, Edvin Marton, Yiruma and MariahCarey.
Books: Twilight Series, Vampires Diaries, To Kill A Mocking Bird,
The Giver.
Movies: Twilight, New Moon, Ugly Truth, Sound of Music, Push, High School Musical 3.
Hobbies: Chess, Dance, Modeling, Acting and Reading.
Other sports: Swimming, volleyball, badminton and 100 meter track.


Suzanna Alsayed was born on August 05, 1994 in Moscow, Russia. Suzanna moved to Canada with her parents when she was two years old. She started her training in gymnastics in Quebec City at age 5. In 2000 her parents decided to move to Ontario where she currently lives, studying and practicing her training in gymnastics where she is currently at the National Senior level.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Medals:

  • 45 Medals and ribbons in rhythmic gymnastics during provincial, national and international competitions to date.

Trophies and Certificates:

  • Trophy in the Montréal 2008 competition Crystal Questo
    1st place overall
  • Trophy in the Canadian Eastern Regional competition 2008
    1st place overall
  • 14 Rhythmic gymnastics certificates

Academic Awards:

  • Chess and Math medals – 2 gold and 1 bronze
  • Selected to study in the French international bachelor program

Other Awards:

  • Miss Teen Canada World – top 5, 2008
  • Miss Teen Canada World – Peel, 2009
  • Miss Teen Canada World – Winner of Talent Show, 2009 top 10.
  • Winner of Talent Show – St. Famille high school, 2009