It must be a ‘Kats Design!’

QualityWe had a call the other day from a regular customer in Jacksonville, Florida and she mentioned that she went to a gymnastics meet and there was a girl in a rhythmic leotard that was gorgeous (the girl and the leotard apparently) and she found herself drawn to this particular girl because of her leotard. So she started chatting with the girl’s mother and she opened the conversation by complimenting her daughter’s leotard and the other mother said ‘you know she’s had so many compliments on it, so our customer asked “is that a Kats Design?” and the woman looked at her in a bit of amazement for a second and replied, “yes it is how could you possibly know that?” Well our customer went on to explain how she learned of our company and how recognizable our leotards have become to her and they chatted about quality and other elements that has impressed them and what makes our leotards so special. This was a very rewarding call for us and we’d like to tell you why we think our leotards ‘stand out in a crowd and close up for that matter.’

It all begins with experience and lots of it. Most of our staff has been with us for many years and when you have that type of stability in a company you reach a level whereby many of the challenges have been overcome, now that’s not to say that we’re not still learning every day but what we can say is that we know what works, how it works and what doesn’t work.

Whether your order a leotard, skate dress, dance costume or any other form of custom sports apparel, we carefully analyze your measurements to adapt the design specifically to YOU, after all that’s what ‘custom made really is. Now that incorporates proper proportioning of the design as well as ensuring a tremendous fit, so the end result is it looks great and it feels great. These elements which are created by a highly experienced design and production team, together with quality control every step of the way produce a costume that is strikingly pleasing to look at and wear and becoming very recognizable in the marketplace. We have heard many a time that judges often offer very positive and complimentary comments on our costumes and with artistic points that can certainly help with your point’s total.

Now a Kats Design costume doesn’t just look good on the outside, turn it inside out and take a look. When you look on the inside you will see meticulous care and attention to detail in the construction. Fabrics are brought together almost seamlessly and every seam is reinforced for durability with the highest quality threads, meshes are beautifully trimmed and hems are finished meticulously and before you pick-up or we ship your order, it‘s inspected with great attention to detail and if we see something we’re not happy with we correct it.

So this is the way we do it, so don’t be surprised if someone comes up to you one day and asks “is that a Kats Design?”