Buying rhythmic leotards and skate outfits for kids and teens

Kids and TeensThere’s no doubt our kids grow fast and we always try to get the most use out of what they wear before they outgrow them. The average child will grow about 2-1/2″ per year, the problem is the growth is generally in spurts and there is no way of knowing exactly when those spurts will occur. Leotards for example should be form fitting, however if your child spurts a couple of inches it’s going to become tight, uncomfortable and may restrict movement.

One way to allow for growth spurts is to increase the girth (torso) measurement by an inch or two from the onset, we also suggest to add a little more length to the sleeve and skirt measurements too.  For boys skate outfits we always add to the inseam measurement as well.  Stretch fabrics are generally not hemmed so there usually isn’t any additional fabric to let down if you need it later, so allowing for this when you order will buy you more time in the long run.