Hot Fix Crystals – Hot Prices!

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We love crystals and we know you do too and we’re very picky about the quality of crystals that we use!

Now Kats Designs is making available our high quality crystals directly to you at exceptional pricing.  If you would like more information or would like to place an order please contact us

PLUS LIMITED TIME OFFER…Receive 10% off your next order of hot fix crystals with ANY purchase below.

Prices are per pack…

SS10, SS12, SS16, SS20 1,440/Pack

SS30 288/Pack & SS34 144/Pack

Size                   Clear              AB                Colors*

SS10  2.8mm     $18.50           $27.50           Min**

SS12  3.2mm     $25.50           $36.50           Min**

SS16  4.0mm     $27.50           $44.00           $34.50

SS20  4.8mm     $46.00           $66.50           Min**

SS30  6.6mm     $27.50           $37.50           Min**

SS34  7.4mm     $29.50           $41.50           Min**

AB = Aurore Boreale

*Colored crystals available in: Jet, Aqua Bohemica, Sapphire, Blue Zircon, Peridot, Aurum, Dark Amber, Citrine, Lt. Colorado Topaz, Light Peach, Light Rose, Hyacinth, Light Siam, Light Amethyst, Tanzanite & Hematite.

**Certain colors and sizes may require minimum orders, prices available upon request.

Foil back crystals (requires adhesive) also available.

Hot Fix Wands

Includes 5 tips, stand and on/off switch.

$14.95/ea. 3+ $12.00/ea. 6+ $10.00/ea.

Prices are in Canadian dollars and subject to applicable taxes.

Minimum order $50.00.

Nominal shipping charge applies for standard delivery within North America only.