Across the street or the world – We can service your costume need’s!
May 4th, 2011

Flags of the world

The internet has changed how we do business and the ease of how we conduct that business with customers all over the world. If you’re in Australia for example and want to order custom costumes from us in Canada, essentially there’s little difference than if you were just down the street. Granted you can’t come right over and meet with us personally, but all of the same protocols are available and in place for us to do business wherever you maybe located.

Our simplified systems offer you the ability to go from an idea to a gorgeous finished costume while removing all of the concern’s you may preconceive about ordering from afar.

So now matter where you are and as long as we can deliver to you, your custom costume needs are just a few clicks away. Please contact us today!

Design of the Month!
May 1st, 2011


May’s Design – Catsuit

Our feature design for May is for one of our specialty catsuits available in any color and fabric combination of your choice. Our catsuits can be ordered in a standard size or custom made to an individual’s specific measurements.

If you are looking for something special let us create a design just for you! Our custom designs are no charge and the process is fun, simple and the results are outstanding and tailored to your specific budget.

For further information please contact us