Acro is evolving and we call it ‘Acrolution’
February 17th, 2011


There is an evolution we’ve dubbed ‘Acrolution’ in the gymnastics world and now a demand for more elaborate styles of leotards and unitards are on the rise.

Design, glamour and glitz are coming together to take centre stage for the ultimate battle of skill, strength, stamina and fashion – Yes fashion – Welcome to Acrolution! Let the competitions begin!

Our basic philosophy of ‘look good, feel good, perform well’ continues to spill into the day-to-day lives of athletes, as they continue to raise the bar to the best of their abilities. They want to look good and feel good and why not? After all whether they’re competing in a regional, national or world venue, the ‘costume confidence boost’ can mean the finite difference in points and placing and ultimately the gold, silver or bronze. Who would have ever thought that their costume would play such an important role!

So where is acro headed? Leading edge designs that take factors into account such as routine, music, theme, colors, skin tones, personalities as well as body types. Want those hips to look narrower, perhaps the waist more slimming? Want to appear taller? This new self-awareness is making today’s leotards and unitards high-tech creations of design, fit and finish, whereby ‘custom made’ has a whole new meaning.

Then there’s the ‘sparkle factor’ and the more the better please! Like their cousin’s in rhythmic gymnastics discovered many years ago, yes we love gymnastics but we want to look good, feel good and we want our audience to engage in performances of sport and showmanship, while conveying the essence and personalities of who the athletes really are while leaving long lasting impressions and memories for those that viewed and participated at the event.

If you want to be recognized and remembered it’s going to be for either your stunning performance or your equally stunning costume and let it be known everyone will definitely take notice. What better way to earn yourself a place in the hearts and minds of others who share the same passions as you do, as now you are recognized not only by who you are and how you perform but what you wear, adding a whole new element of fun, intrigue and anticipation event after event.

Are you ready for Acrolution? We are!… Contact us today!

We want to be part of YOUR team!
February 8th, 2011


Looking for Team Leotards that make a statement and that you and every member of the team can be proud of? Well look no further!

Design, style, scaleability, comfort and fit are key elements to great looking team leotards. From the shortest to the tallest, the design should be easily scaleable to hold it’s proportions throughout the size ranges, while maintaining all the other elements that make them as visually wonderful to look at as they are to wear.

Make your team proud!. contact us and we’ll design a leotard that represents your team in a way that makes a serious statement, a professional presentation and offers the athletes a special feeling and confidence that they can proudly carry into any venue.

Can we be part of your team?

Busy, busy, busy – please allow enough time!
February 7th, 2011


Well it’s the height of the busy season. If you’re planning on placing an order, please currently allow 6 working weeks production time from the date your design and fabrics are approved and measurements are submitted.

Now your order won’t take 6 weeks to make but there will be lots of orders ahead of you, so please plan ahead and we’ll work with you to be sure you receive your order on time.

If you need more information please contact us today.

More emergencies – But why?
February 3rd, 2011

Help Key

We’ve talked about this before and it’s a shame that it keeps happening, but the emergency e-mails and calls keep coming! But why?

We’re not sure we really know all the answers but we do know one of the problems – Overbooking!

Tis’ the season of competitions. Dance, Rhythmics, Skate, Gymnastics, Baton, you name it and it’s happening or about to. Now what also happens is that manufacturers become flooded with orders and just like knowing when to say no when you’re full from a meal, a manufacturer may not have said no to just one more order, or another one and another one and sooner or later, they’re overbooked and someone or several someone’s are not going to get their orders!

Manufacturing requires a very good grasp of production schedules and that means knowing how much you can turn out in any given time frame, plus you have to build in for the unknown contingencies that sooner or later ‘will’ arise, so the key is not to book to maximum capacity and certainly not overbook.

Now you the customer are at the supplier’s mercy. They tell you you’ll receive your order as promised, but how do you know you will? Well if you’ve been dealing with them for a long time and you have a comfort level already then that’s fine, but if they’re new to you, it might be a really good idea to get some guarantees upfront and in writing. The bottom line is if they don’t come through for you as promised, you could be in a real bind and that warrants some compensation and at very least a full refund.

Custom work is not turned out overnight, so once a manufacturer is behind catching up is not easy to do. One suggestion is to follow up regularly to be sure your order is on track and perhaps request an interim picture of the order a couple of weeks before it’s due date, then you’ll know for sure whether it’s near completion or not. Don’t follow up too late or your order might just be that – too late!

Are you ready to think out of the box?
February 2nd, 2011


When it comes to costumes and designs we certainly ‘think out of the box!’ If you’re looking for creativity, imagination and something that is over the top then you’re visiting the right place. Regardless of your budget, we accept your challenge to design something for you that is a one-of-a-kind statement that gets you noticed and makes you feel terrific.

Can a great costume actually help you to compete and perform better? Definitely! Wearing a costume that is ideally suited to a theme that looks good will contribute to your confidence factor, here’s the formula – look good, feel good, perform better!

contact us today and we’ll start ‘thinking out of the box’ on a new design especially for you.

Acro Cup – Good Luck to ALL!
February 1st, 2011


To all of the athletes and coaches who have worked so hard and prepared for this very important event, we would like to wish you the very best in your competition’s and special thanks to all of you who will be wearing Kats Designs’ leotards and unitards.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all on the designs and we hope that these wonderful uniforms help to add to the confidence and success of these gifted athletes. Good luck everyone!

Design of the Month!
February 1st, 2011


February’s Design – Competition Leotard

Our feature design for February is for one of our competition leotards available in any color and fabric combination of your choice. This leotard can be ordered in a standard size or custom made to an individual’s specific measurements.

If you are looking for something special let us create a design just for you! Our custom designs are no charge and the process is fun, simple and the results are outstanding and tailored to your specific budget.

For further information please contact us