Copying is not cool!
January 29th, 2011

IdenticleSo you’re ready to have a new costume made. You want something unique that no one else has and designed especially for you. You go through the custom design and ordering process and receive your new costume and off you go. A couple of months later you’re looking at some pictures online and what do you see? Someone wearing a costume just like yours! How could this happen? Well either your supplier copied the one you see or someone copied yours and this is NOT cool!

At least once a month we’re asked to make a costume just like…. and our answer is – ‘Sorry, we can’t (must not) do that!’ Ethically we must protect the owner’s of the costume, especially when it comes to athletes who compete competitively, many of which go to great lengths to order costumes uniquely designed just for them. Now there maybe elements of a costume that are particularly pleasing to you and some of those elements can be incorporated into a new and unique design, but copying in almost exact detail is shunned upon and can really upset the original’s owner. Besides if you are going to order custom, then custom it should be, made just for you and nobody else.

So why do people want copies anyways? Well in most cases it’s not that they really want to copy or infringe on the original, it’s simply because they have fallen in love with a particular design and color combination and can’t come up with something comparable. Well that’s where we come in. If you see a costume you really like, let’s take a look and we’ll create a design for you that incorporates some of what you like together with something new, resulting in a creation that is uniquely yours, that you can proudly wear knowing that it’s the only one of its kind – or is it?

Well we can promise you that we won’t create another one like it, but we can’t promise that nobody else will, your only hope is that others have similar ethics.

Why solos can only go so low!
January 6th, 2011

A solo is generally defined as an activity performed by oneself and in the world of costumes that usually calls for a unique one-of-a-kind garment, made especially to compliment the routine or performance the individual is involved in.

To make a custom made garment or any garment for that matter a pattern is required and depending on the complexity of the design that pattern can be quite intricate and therefore costly. For a solo, the pattern charge has to be absorbed into that one garment and that has a significant impact on the overall cost of the garment. For a custom solo valued at say $250.00, up to 1/3 of the cost is the pattern. If that same pattern was used for a duet for example, then that cost can be divided by 2 and for a trio, by 3 and so on, but as you can see, solo’s have no choice but to bear the full cost of the pattern, hence their higher cost, so this is why solos can only go so low.

In some cases more than one member of duets and trios may require their own patterns if one of those members are of a significant difference in size, as there are only so many proportional changes that any one size pattern can undergo, before those proportions are no longer within an acceptable range of each other. Another factor with the cost of solos is the amount of fabric required to make them. Some solos may consist of 2, 3, 4 even 5 different fabrics, yet the minimum order requirement from a fabric supplier is 1 yard and most of those fabrics may be required in a much lesser quantity, creating a lot of waste. Additionally, ordering 1 yard of a specific fabric is more costly than ordering say 10 yards, so as you can see this all adds to the price of creating a one-off solo garment.

So how can you keep the cost of a solo down? Well we have a few suggestions that might be helpful…

– Try to keep the design as simple as you can allow relative to the routine or performance it’s being used for

– Symmetrical designs are less work to make than those that are asymmetrical

– Try to be somewhat flexible on what you really want versus what might be affordable

– Try to keep the number of different fabrics used to a minimum

– See if the manufacturer has fabrics in stock that they can use rather than having to specially order in

– If you’re looking for a lot of sparkle, consider sequined fabrics versus hand embellishment

– If there are appliqués and they need to be hand made, see if there are any ready-made appliqués available that may work just as well

– Some manufacturers may offer discounts for early ordering or for off-season orders, or perhaps other offers you can take advantage of

At Kats Designs our goal is to supply the best looking costume at the best value. As we design to budget, we take many of the considerations above into account before we start our designs and wherever possible, we’ll try to see if we can supply the desired effect at the most affordable price.

We’ll help take the pain out of the dollar’s gain!
January 4th, 2011


To all of our customer’s in the United States, you maybe aware that over the past few weeks the Canadian dollar has equalled or slightly surpassed the U.S. dollar in value. Currency fluctuates daily and as history has shown our dollar parity with the greenback is temporary, but in the meantime we would like to offer our very own currency exchange solution and relief to our U.S. customer’s as follows…

Effective immediately; on any ‘new’ orders placed, we will value the U.S. dollar at $1.05 Canadian, essentially insuring that our U.S. customer’s can continue to enjoy the benefit of their stronger currency, regardless of the published exchange rate. For more details please contact us.

Design of the Month!
January 1st, 2011


January’s Design – Competition Leotard

Our feature design for January is for one of our competition leotards available in any color and fabric combination of your choice. This leotard can be ordered in a standard size or custom made to an individual’s specific measurements.

If you are looking for something special let us create a design just for you! Our custom designs are no charge and the process is fun, simple and the results are outstanding and tailored to your specific budget.

For further information please contact us