Take a shower with your costume – seriously!
November 5th, 2010

So you’ve just received your new costume and from being in the package it’s wrinkled, or perhaps you’ve travelled with it and you want to freshen it up. Being made of stretch fabrics containing lycra, you’re best not to go near it with an iron and you may not have a clothes steamer, so the next best thing to do is to take a shower with it. Now agreed wearing it in the shower is not recommended either but simply hang it up near where you shower, be sure the door and window is closed and the steam and humidity will do a wonderful job of relaxing the fibers and removing the wrinkles.

If you want to know how to care for your costume, please click here.

Feature of the Month!
November 1st, 2010

November’s Feature – Tutus

If you’re looking for beautiful tutus at exceptional prices – you’ve just found them!

Just in time for dance season and starting as low as $69.00Cdn. Whether this is your very first or one of many, these tutus offer the perfect combination of quality and value from petite through adult.

Romantic, Practice, 5 and 7 layer Platters in the most popular colors and sizes are available. Special pricing for large orders.

Please contact us for more details.