Gymnastics clubs Client Loyalty Program launches
October 29th, 2010

Our success is driven by our customer’s and our growth is supported by the underlying loyalty of those who we deal with on a continued basis. Over the years we’ve launched several programs that our customer’s have embraced and we’re very pleased to announce the introduction of our Client Loyalty Program for gymnastics clubs.

Premised on rewarding a customer for their continued loyalty our Client Loyalty Program offers valuable rebates that increase over time. These rebates are applied to future orders and can result in significant savings year after year. The program applies to gymnastics clubs on all purchases of leotards and unitards. For more details please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you information on this valuable new program.

Buying custom on price could be a sacrifice!
October 21st, 2010

Poor FitSo as a smart buyer you have more than one quote on your costume order, and because your hard earned money will be paying for it, naturally you’re attracted to the lower price, so is it a good deal or what could that lower price mean? Well it could be a good deal and the order would be much the same from either company and the price is the only difference. But is it?  Well as mentioned in our previous post, it might be a really good idea to do a little homework before you order.

If the price difference is small then buying on price might be less of an issue, but if the price difference is say 10% or more, you may want to take another look to be sure you’re going to receive what you expect. There could be any number of reasons why there might be a larger price difference from one to the other and it maybe very important, the main differences could include design details, fabrics and especially construction. So it’s good to ask some questions and clarify the order, or that lower price maybe a sacrifice you’re not expecting and would much rather avoid.

Avoid disappointment – Do your homework!
October 20th, 2010

disappointedHave you ever ordered something only to be disappointed once you received it? Maybe you haven’t, but you can avoid disappointment by doing a little homework first and asking the right questions. The assumption would be that if you order something custom made, that the end result would be everything you were promised and expected and anything less would be a disappointment and frankly unacceptable. So one of the first questions that needs to be asked is, what if something goes wrong and I don’t receive what I ordered and was promised? This is a tricky one because the outcome relies heavily on the reputation of the company you order from.

When something goes wrong and it’s clearly the supplier’s fault, there are some remedies that need to be in place to deal with the situation and these remedies you need to be aware of before you order. The remedy from a reputable company is simple – evaluate and fix the problem quickly, at no cost and as little convenience as possible to you – the customer. But too often we only ask this question after something goes wrong, leaving ourselves wide open for experiences and responses that maybe less than favorable.

Do your homework and ask the questions in advance and if possible get it in writing. Be sure to ask questions that could result in a concern down the road, especially as they may relate to quality, warranty and general sales policies. Nobody’s perfect and on occasion things can go wrong and the desired outcome is that ‘you the customer’ are looked after.

Correct measurements?…It’s all in the interpretation!
October 19th, 2010

Measurement InterpretationWe’ve written about the importance of accurate measurements before, but did you know if you asked 10 different people to take your measurements, you would almost certainly end up with 10 different sets of measurements? Now if you think about that for a moment that’s a scary thought, especially if you’re looking to order something custom made. But why is that? Is everyone wrong? Well that’s a matter of opinion and interpretation and it’s the ‘interpretation’ that’s the key!

If we ask 10 people to measure their waists, we should in fact have 10 fairly accurate waist measurements right? Well not necessarily and that’s because the exact position of a person’s waist is somewhat subjective and by broadly asking in that manner, there’s too much room for error. However if we give a more targeted instruction such as, ‘measure up 1″ above your navel and then take your waist measurement’ you are now taking a much more defined measurement, but most importantly, when we receive that measurement, we are able to interpret it as if we took the measurement ourselves. This makes a huge difference!

So before we make you a custom order, we ask that you forget everything you know about taking measurements and we send you a simple detailed list of instructions on how to take them and this way, there’s no room for error and we interpret your measurements in exactly the same way as you do. Suddenly it’s not so scary; in fact if you follow our instructions it’s pretty well guaranteed that you (we) will achieve the perfect fit.

Ordering by size is often a compromise!
October 9th, 2010

Different people - Same size

There’s a strange sizing anomaly in the clothing world that tends to foil even the most seasoned shoppers, and when it comes to buying apparel by size, especially over the internet, many find achieving the right fit is almost impossible to do. It’s because people of a ‘single size’ come in a variety of shapes and proportions while standard sizes are meant to fit ‘specific’ proportions.

In the picture to the left, each of these size 10 women (judged by hip measurement) has a different hip shape, torso length, and bust measurement, but they all go to the fitting room to try on the same size 10 dress, with each having noticeable variances in fit, yet the 10 is their best option as a standard size 8 or 12 doesn’t fit well or at all. The problem is the size 10 is more of a compromise than a good fit and this is how we can tend to buy clothes today – through compromise, but hey we love the way it looks because we love ‘that red dress’ and for those of us that are lucky enough to be ‘that size 10’, we can often shop online with much success. But when it comes to sports and related activities especially at the competitive level, ‘that red dress’ must fit, feel and perform right – with no compromise.

In the picture below, you will see that the standard size 10 doesn’t fit this woman properly, the wrinkles indicate misfit at the armhole, bust, and high hip area, but if she really wants this dress she’ll have to compromise. Of course that misfit can be minor or easily altered or just perhaps you like many, really find it hard to buy clothes that fit you well.

Poor Fit

That recognized together with the fact that manufacturer’s size charts differ, especially from one country to another, makes ordering by size over the internet tricky, so custom sizing is a nice option. Not to mention having the garment just the way you want it.

Too many times we’ve heard disappointment ordering by size, with most being frustrated over a poor fit and with an event or competition around the corner, or not meeting competition regulations or costly returns and exchanges. Sometimes no returns allowed at all. So if you’re considering ordering by size, consider custom sizing as a viable option. After all it can be very affordable and there’s nothing like something that makes you feel special because it fits well, looks terrific and allows you to freely perform and compete.

Canadian Thanksgiving – Thanks to ALL of YOU!
October 9th, 2010


This is the time of the year Canadian’s look to embrace those whom have touched our lives in so many ways and to be thankful for our health and wellbeing. At Kats Designs every day we engage with new people who we speak with on the phone, communicate with by e-mail and visit our place of business, and who we look to be of service to and build long lasting relationships with.

To those of you we have dealt with over the years and have had the pleasure to watch your children grow and pursue their passion’s, and for those whom we have recently become acquainted with, we want to express our sincere gratitude and thanks for being part of our lives and for all of your support.

We are very thankful and blessed to know you all!

Got time?…SAVE an EXTRA 9!
October 8th, 2010

Got Time

As a manufacturer scheduling orders is very important and we always like to schedule orders early enough to be absolutely sure our customer’s receive them well before they need them. So when we receive orders with plenty of advance notice, it allows us to maintain flexibility in our production schedules and with that flexibilty we can reward early orders with a discount.

If you have the ability to place and confirm your order 90 days prior to your actual required date, we’ll discount that order a further 9%. In other words, “if you’ve got the time, we’ll save you an extra 9” Chances are you may receive your order well before you need it and of course you’ll still receive your discount. Please note that a ‘confirmed order’ includes design approval, submission of all measurements and a deposit on your order.

So remember, “if you’ve got the time we’ll save you an extra 9”

Please note: Offer does not apply to dance studios.

Professional design – more than just pretty pictures!
October 7th, 2010

Professional DesignIn our business we create through our designs, but our designs are more than just pretty pictures. One can have a talent for sketching designs, but by no means does that necessarily result in great costumes, which is why having a professional designer on your team is so very important. As the saying goes ‘You get what you pay for!’

Not only does a designer have to know how to create designs, they also have to have the ability to interpret a client’s needs and an in-depth understanding of garment construction. This becomes extremely important when dealing with varieties of Lycra/Spandex based fabrics with different stretch tolerances. Sometimes we receive requests for very complex ideas and it takes some extreme thinking to be sure that the end result is a costume that not only looks good, but fits well and performs the way it should for the activity that it’s intended for. All of these considerations are the responsibility of the designer and takes many years of experience to master.

We love a challenge and if you have an idea for a costume or costumes that are a little ‘over the top’ you’ve come to the right place!

Confused or nervous about ordering custom costumes?
October 6th, 2010


Don’t be! At Kats Designs we know that this might be the first time you’re looking to order a custom made costume and you maybe feeling a little out of your element, well after you’ve made contact with us, we’ll quickly clear up any confusion and we’ll turn ‘confused’ and ‘nervous’ into a simple, fun and an exciting experience.

What you need to know is ‘you really don’t need to know much at all’, we’ll guide you every step of the way. If you’re worried about things like; Will it fit? Will I be able to afford a custom made costume? Will the costume look like the design? Don’t be! We’ll show you how easily you’ll achieve a great fit, at a price that you choose and guarantee you, that the costume will meet and likely exceed your expectations. contact us today – you’ll be glad you did! Feel better now?

Dance Gallery expands with Catsuits
October 5th, 2010


We will be starting to add catsuits to our new Dance Gallery in the coming weeks and there’s lots of designs on their way.

Our award winning catsuits have been designed and ordered not only for dance, but numerous other activities over the years and we look forward to showing you even more of our designs in this new format.

Our catsuits are made available in a wide variety of comfortable stretch fabrics and colors and are constructed to endure any vigorous activity you may wish to use them for. As with all of our custom apparel, you will enjoy an outstanding fit and limitless design options.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information.