Kats costumes fetching top dollars…
April 29th, 2010

How much is a Kats Design worth on the resale market?  The answer is as much as 75% of its original price.   There’s no doubt that you will either outgrow or retire your costume at some point in time and if that costume is gently used and well looked after, there are buyer’s that will recognize the design and quality and pay you top dollar for it.  Time and time again we hear of our costumes being sold for well over half of their original cost, which offers our customer’s tremendous resale value.  To give you an example a custom costume that originally costs $250.00, if well looked after can fetch $175.00 or more.  The quality and design we build in often well outlasts the use the costume endures from its original owner and finding it a new home can be financially beneficial too.

Custom Active Wear for ANY size & ANY budget!
April 28th, 2010

Does this sound like YOU?…

Do YOU want great looking Active Wear but have trouble finding your size and it just never seems to fit properly?

Do YOU want something that’s different to what you see everywhere else? 

Do YOU want to be able to have your own personal unique designs and have them just the way YOU want them and at no extra cost?

Would YOU like to be able to add piping, trims, bling, pockets, mix, match, coordinate and more? 

Do YOU want a large selection of great fabrics in a wide range of current colors?

Do YOU want fast turn-around in just 7 business days and to your exact size and proportions?

Do YOU want all of this at a price that’s equal or less than you can buy at a store?

Well look no further!  Whether you’re short, tall, plus size or just looking for some terrific designs in your colors and made especially for you, Kats Designs known for our renowned designs, quality fabrics and made-to-measure expertise, has decided to extend our talent’s to active wear and we have some terrific designs for you to see in our new Active Wear Gallery and Portfolio coming soon.  Mix, match, customize and have fun picking and changing styles as freely as snapping your fingers. Whether you want mesh inserts, ipod pockets or piping and trims, YOU can have YOUR active wear customized exactly the way YOU want it, in fact consider us to be your own personal designers.

Imagine if you can have active wear in the size, colors and styles of your choice at a price that’s comparable or less than off-the-rack store bought active wear, well you’re probably thinking well now you’re talking, when can I get it? The answer is now! 

Our Active Wear galleries will open this summer but you can start to work with us on your new active wear now.  Please watch for announcements to follow on the opening of our Active Wear Galleries coming soon, as well as special product launch promotions and offers.  If you are local to us our showroom is starting to fill up with terrific samples so please feel free to contact us for more details.

Kats Media Center offers wonderful inspiration and ideas!
April 28th, 2010

We are receiving many inquiries on various styles and designs of costumes featured in our Media Center. Thank you to all of you who have visited and to those that are using it as a resource for their new costumes. If you see a costume(s) in our Media Center you like, simply right click on any of them and e-mail them to us for a quotation. We can modify any of the designs you see to your exact requirements, so if you want to change the design, colors or mix and match between designs we will do it all for you and remember we design to budget, so there are always creative ways to modify great designs to suit your individual requirements. Click this Media Center link if you haven’t visited it yet.

‘Win a Leotard Contest’ – Lucky Winner Announced!
April 16th, 2010

Congratulations to Manon Chaney of Gresham, Oregon, winner of our 2010 Kats Designs ‘Win a Leotard’ contest. Manon’s submission was selected from hundreds of entries from around the world and Manon will now go on to have a custom rhythmic leotard valued at over $500.00 designed especially for her.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in this contest and from reviewing all entries there is certainly one thing that all of you share, that is your passion and commitment to the wonderful sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

Kats’ costumes taking 1st. place again this year!
April 14th, 2010

Well competitive dance season is under way and reports are coming in from studios that we make costumes for, that Kats’ costumes are winning awards again this year. Our collaboration with dance studios and the designs we brainstorm together, transform some wonderful ideas into reality with visually stunning designs that really appeal to audiences and judges alike. Keep up the terrific work and special thanks to all of the dance studios and for that matter all of the people that we do dance costumes for.

Unusual ideas can make for some great costumes!
April 14th, 2010

Sometimes we get asked to design pretty unusual costumes, some actually bordering on bizarre but after all perhaps that’s what a costume is supposed to be. If you look up the word “Costume’ in the dictionary you’ll see definitions similar to these…

Cos-tume –noun

1. a style of dress, including accessories and hairdos, esp. peculiar to a nation, region, group, or historical period.

2. dress or garb characteristic of another period, place, person, etc., as worn on the stage or at balls.

3. fashion of dress appropriate to a particular occasion or season: dancing costume; winter costume.

4. a set of garments, esp. women’s garments, selected for wear at a single time; outfit; ensemble.

Costumes allow us to explore and be whomever, whatever from whenever and wherever we want to be. From young to old dressing up is always fun and when we have an opportunity to wear and participate in a special costume we allow our bodies and spirits to transform themselves into new personalities with the ability to change back at will.

When it comes to costumes there really are no limitations and what may seem ‘peculiar’ to some is just the ticket for others and just as with regular apparel, what you may like someone else may not and vice versa, after all that’s what makes the world go around. Not every costume we make we like but that’s not what’s important, if it’s what the customer wants and they like it then that’s all that matters. The funny thing is sometimes the most unusual ideas can make for some great costumes and in the early stages when you think that it may not look as good as you hoped, well they turn out terrific. Costumes are often viewed from a distance such as on a stage, so they need to have ‘impact’ and from a distance they should have enough visual impact to be enjoyed by the viewing audience and to make a statement for the theme they were designed for. If you’ve got some ideas for some unusual costumes, persue them. Costumes are really an area you can let your creativity run wild and ‘unusual’ can often result in an amazing costume.

A picture is worth a thousand words!
April 12th, 2010

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ well in our business a picture of you is most certainly that and more. We take orders for custom garments from all over the world and your measurements formulate a mental picture of you in our production team’s minds. This mental picture helps them to sculpt the finished product to your body, but no matter how many measurements we ask for a picture tells us so much more.

Everyone’s body is very unique so where possible if you can send a full length front and back picture of yourself to us with your measurements, we are even better equipped to do what we do best and that’s make your custom garment specially tailored just for you.

Custom Design of the month!
April 1st, 2010

resized_S1002_rsz April’s Design – Skate Dress

Our feature design for April is a custom designed skate dress available in any color and fabric combination of your choice. This custom skate dress features beautiful hand painted detail and crystals shown are optional. All of our skate dresses are custom made to an individual’s specific measurements.

Our feature custom skate dresses qualify for our Crystal Credits® program.

If you are looking for something special let us create a design just for you! Our custom designs are no charge and the process is fun, simple and the results are outstanding and tailored to your specific budget.

For further information please contact us.