Rhythmic Gymnastics Sponsorship to be announced!
December 31st, 2009

We are very pleased to be in the process of finalizing details for sponsorship of our choice for a Rhythmic Gymmnastics athlete for 2010 and beyond. 

This individual has made incredible progress in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics, and we believe they have tremendous potential to go much further and add to their many accomplishments.  With 45 medals already to date, this athlete is well on their way to realize their dream of one day competing in the Olympics. 

We are extremely proud to have an association with this individual and look forward to many successes together.

Please check back for full details and our announcement coming early in the New Year!

Figure Skating – Sponsorship Search 2010
December 30th, 2009

sponsorship-opportunities Kats Designs is looking for new sponsorship opportunities for figure skaters for 2010.

Are you a young aspiring hopeful who is striving to attain the highest levels of accomplishments in your sport?

Well we are now actively searching for our next individual and pairs ice skating sponsorship candidates for 2010.  If you are Elite Junior or Senior competitors that have demonstrated and achieved consistent results over the past 12 months we would like to talk to you.

Kats Designs Sponsorship Program offers tremendous support to young athletes from outfitting of their custom apparel, royalty rewards and international exposure.

If you are interested in being sponsored by Kats Designs please contact us.

Custom Costumes – It’s ALL in the measurements!
December 19th, 2009

measuring tapeWhether you live around the corner or around the world, successfully ordering custom made-to-measure apparel is primarily based on two key elements, accuracy of measurements and the ability of the manufacturer to interpret and execute those measurements into the finished product.

Over the years there are a few things we’ve learned that allows us to help our client’s ensure that the measurements they send to us are very accurate, from that point it’s up to us to see that the finished item we ship, is an exact production of those measurements each and every time.

So how do we do it? Well the first thing we assume is that the average person does not know how to take measurements, after all why should they? If they are not in a line of work where they have had experience in taking specific measurements, chances are they don’t. The next thing we tell people is that it’s virtually impossible for them to take their own measurements as there are some critical measurements that are required that a person just can’t properly do on their own, so in most cases they and we have to rely on another person to take them.

When we deal with someone new for the first time we just don’t ask for measurements because chances are there will be errors and if there are errors, the item is not going to fit properly and well there are big problems. So what we have done is developed a very simple easy to follow method of taking measurements that anyone can follow. Each new client receives simple detailed instructions that ensure exacting results. This together with our in-house quality control delivers excellent fitting apparel consistently every time.

Some people are nervous about ordering items such as custom made leotards such as rhythmic suits, skate dresses, dance costumes, synchronized swim suits etc. over the internet because their biggest concern is, will it fit properly? Well if measuring is not your thing, then be sure to leave it to the experts to walk you through the steps and you’ll soon find that distance is not a factor and that there is nothing quite like a custom made item that looks and feels terrific and fits perfectly because it was made for just YOU!

Thank you for a wonderful year!
December 15th, 2009

ThankYouTo all of our client’s around the world, gymnasts, figure skaters, dancers and everyone who we have had the pleasure of servicing in 2009…THANK YOU!

For the upcoming holidays we wish all of you the very best for 2010, and for those of you going into competitions and the winter Olympic games, we hope to see you in action and on the podiums, you’ve all worked so very hard. Good luck!

Custom leotards in 7 business days!
December 5th, 2009

Order ExpressNeed a custom rhythmic leotard fast?  With our ‘Express Order’ service we can manufacture your custom leotard and have it ready to ship within 7 business days or less.  Once your design and fabric choices are approved, we’ll process and produce your order right away. For more details please contact us.

Custom Design of the month!
December 1st, 2009

December’s Design – Rhythmic Leotard

Our feature custom rhythmic leotard for December is available in any color and fabric combination of your choice. The rhythmic leotard, appliqués and inlays are all hand crafted.  Crystals shown are optional and all of our leotards are custom made to an individual’s specific measurements.   

You can also view more designs in our Rhythmic Gallery and some of our past work in our Rhythmic Portfolio.


Our feature rhythmic leotards qualify for our Leo Club® and Crystal Credits® programs. For further information please contact us.