Got time?…SAVE an EXTRA 9!
October 8th, 2010

Got Time

As a manufacturer scheduling orders is very important and we always like to schedule orders early enough to be absolutely sure our customer’s receive them well before they need them. So when we receive orders with plenty of advance notice, it allows us to maintain flexibility in our production schedules and with that flexibilty we can reward early orders with a discount.

If you have the ability to place and confirm your order 90 days prior to your actual required date, we’ll discount that order a further 9%. In other words, “if you’ve got the time, we’ll save you an extra 9” Chances are you may receive your order well before you need it and of course you’ll still receive your discount. Please note that a ‘confirmed order’ includes design approval, submission of all measurements and a deposit on your order.

So remember, “if you’ve got the time we’ll save you an extra 9”

Please note: Offer does not apply to dance studios.

Kats Designs introduces ‘EASY-Pay’
January 17th, 2010

Easy-PayWhether you’re a gymnast, skater, dancer or other type of performer you have expenses and your costumes are just one of those costs to consider.  Kats Designs already has several innovative cost saving programs to help you look and be the best you can be, from our Leo Club® to our Crystal Credits® to our Referral Rewards® programs.  Well now we would like to introduce to you our EASY-Pay.

EASY-Pay offers you the option to pay for any custom costume you order in 3 easy payments and the program works like this.  When you place your order and pay by credit card you pay just 1/3 as a deposit, another 1/3 when we ship your order and the final 1/3 30-days later.  If your costume takes 4 weeks to make and depending on your credit card statement date, EASY-Pay will help you spread your payments giving you much more time to pay.  EASY-Pay is available now and is one more reason Kats Designs continues to be an industry leader for custom costumes.

Custom leotards in 7 business days!
December 5th, 2009

Order ExpressNeed a custom rhythmic leotard fast?  With our ‘Express Order’ service we can manufacture your custom leotard and have it ready to ship within 7 business days or less.  Once your design and fabric choices are approved, we’ll process and produce your order right away. For more details please contact us.

Dance Costume Recital Program – NEW!
November 13th, 2009

Is your dance studio looking for inexpensive “custom” recital costumes? Well we have a solution that may be perfect for you.  Please contact us for details.

Dance Studio ‘Client Loyalty Program’
November 13th, 2009

We trust that our professionalism and high quality service results in long lasting clients, and proudly many of our clients have been with us since the company was founded more than a decade ago.  We feel that loyalty is special and not to be taken for granted and should be acknowledged and rewarded.  Kats Client Loyalty Program has been designed especially for dance studios and offers generous tiered rebates that increase over time.  Dance studios please contact us for more details on this program.

Rhythmic Gymnastics & Figure Skating Sponsorship Opportunities
November 13th, 2009

sponsorshipAre you or someone you know competing at a level whereby the hopes of sponsorship might be on the horizon?  Well Kats Designs offers figure skating and rhythmic gymnastic sponsorship opportunities for young aspiring hopefuls who are striving to attain the highest levels of accomplishments in their respective sports.  If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please contact us with brief details about yourself and we’ll take it from there.

Kats Designs launches C.R.I.S.P.®
November 13th, 2009

skate2Coach Referral Individual Sponsorship Program

CRISP® is designed to assist figure skaters fund their purchases of custom skate wear.  The program is a tiered structure that offers generous sponsorship credits off of their purchases and escalates as they progress through levels. This program assists skaters from juvenile to Olympic level.  Please contact us for full details on this very exciting opportunity.

Crystal Credits® for your custom costumes
November 12th, 2009

Hot FixWho doesn’t like a little “bling” and when we add gorgeous crystals on a stunning competition leotard, skate dress or costume the “wow factor” is well, wow!  Well we want YOU to have the wow factor and we’ll help you to do it with our Crystal Credits®.  You can learn more about Crystal Credits® here.

Kats Designs – Leo Club®
November 11th, 2009

RP1034Whether you order more than one leotard a year or more, Kats’ Leo Club® will save you money.  Membership is free, and absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Come join the ranks of our happy clients who are already enjoying the savings from our Leo Club®. You can learn more about our Leo Club® here.

If you like our Leo Club® you’ll love our Crystal Credits® Program!

Kats Designs – Referral Rewards®
November 11th, 2009

Nothing makes us happier than knowing you’re happy with us and nothing can be nicer than a client who is referred to us.  We believe that a referral is definitely worth something, and our Referral Rewards® Program is our way of saying thank you for your referral. We are proud to have you as a client and we cherish your referrals.  Refer us and we’ll reward you! You can learn more about our Referral Rewards® Program here.